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About You Review

You Review is an in-store or mobile customer feedback platform that's customisable, anonymous, lightning-quick and best of all can turn customer opinions into business intelligence.

You Review is a cost effective and innovative solution designed simply to help business improve their performance. It is adaptable to almost any sized business and sector across both retail and service based industries.

You Review enables business to gather meaningful data and valuable insights from more of their customers in only 15 seconds.

Your Australian owned, developed and operated 'customer feedback' alternative.

Developed with the assistance of our professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers

How It Works

Process 1

Customers provide anonymous feedback by answering four quick and easy questions specifically tailored to your business and industry. An additional survey/NPS question is also available.

Process 2

Live feedback is captured with convenient in-store or mobile devices primarily positioned at POS. Data is collated over a 24hr period and then run through and end of day process.

Process 3

Businesses log-in through their web portal to view and analyse their customer feedback results. Businesses now have access to meaningful data empowering them to make informed devisions.

You Review in 30 Seconds


Anonymous & Private

Customers provide their feedback anonymously. Only your business has access to this data!

Suits Either iOS or Android Platform

You can use either iPads or Android devices, providing their approx. 10" in size and Wi-Fi enabled.

Quick, Easy and Simple to Use

For both consumers and businesses.

Live and Easily Accessible

Readily available in-store, where and when needed.

Analytics Dashboard Summary

Enabling business owners and managers to easily review your results.

Subscription Fee

Subscription fees from just $49.95/month


Provides customer service with tangible and quantifiable measurement that it deserves.

Builds a positive culture and environment for staff, business owners and managers, and your customers.

Build customer loyalty, retention, goodwill and advocacy through improved customer satisfaction.

Allows you to set goals, track progress and prioritise specific areas of your business, that may need your attention.

Identifies specific areas of either over or under performance.

Enhances your brands perception for embracing innovation and technology.

Benchmark your business internally, from departmental level right through to group national level.

Helps you make more "informed decisions" about your business's future by mitigating a reliance on assumptions.

Helps to diffuse negative reviews on social media platforms.

Include and analyse this invaluable data along with your financial statements.

Captures a high percentage of feedback across your entire customer base.

Value of You Review

You Review has proven its value many times over with results just like this...

Since implementing You Review into our business 2 years ago, it helped us to achieve:

Ella Bache Salon of the Year 2016

Sales increased 94%

Number of customers increased 54%

Average $ transaction increased 26%

Net Promotor Score increased 7.6%

Overall Customer Satisfaction increased 8.7%

Eloise Manning
Danielle O'Carroll
Owners - Ella Bache Mackay/Whitsundays


“My business partner Danielle and I were one of the first businesses within Australia to install the You Review App and we’re so glad that we did. We absolutely love it, as do our clients and our team and we wouldn’t live without it now. You’ve developed an amazing cutting edge product that we’re so proud to be on board with. All business big or small can benefit from this great innovation and the business insights it provides. We’re also very proud to have received the “Ella Bache Business Development Award 2015”. Thank you so, so much to all the team at You Review – we love you guys.”

Eloise – Ella Bache’

“You Review is an amazing App that provides our business with the opportunity to connect on another level with the people who matter most – our guests. The sleek design flows beautifully with our contemporary décor at Reception and has been well received by our guests, staff and visitors with comments on the simplicity of the interface. We have used other methods of gathering feedback in the past but have not been able to gather as much data as we have since implementing this app within our business. You Review has been an invaluable tool and is highly recommended for businesses that focus and depend on the satisfaction of their clients to succeed.”

Mark O'Shea - Quest Uni Hill

“You Review is a brilliant tool that provides anonymous feedback on our business. It has helped us to gain a clearer picture on what our clients value the most from our business and has assisted us to investigate the need for a new variety of services moving forward. It is quick and super easy to use and our clients have appreciated the chance to provide their opinion. I highly recommend You Review for any business in the customer service industry.”

Emma – Owner - Positive Living Psychology

“We are very excited to launch the You Review customer service application at Porters. Ryan has been fantastic to work with and has assisted us with many in store visits and training to ensure the software and display units are set up correctly and working efficiently. We cannot thank Ryan and the You Review team enough for their support. We have received some very positive and encouraging feedback since the units were installed and customers have praised the ability to be able to give quick, anonymous feedback. Strong customer service is paramount to the Porters brand and the You Review program enables us to be able to evaluate and monitor customer feedback effectively and in real time. We look forward to a successful partnership with Ryan and the You Review Team.”

Lauren Reck – Marketing Manager - Porters

“You-Review is a wonderful product that allows business to gain real time feedback on the customer experience. Businesses operate in a competitive environment with consumers having access to greater knowledge on price and comparable products or services. Understanding how customers really feel or what they really want is critical to business success. You-Review gathers data in a smart and simple way that allows you to understand how customers feel today as well as how that may have changed over time. All businesses should be collecting and analysing customer feedback.”

Drew Boyland – Director - Welken Consultancy

“We are very impressed with the You Review customer service application at Pinnacle Health Group. You Review has enabled us to collect live client feedback in our Corporate Wellness Centres within our network of clinics across both states. We have received fantastic feedback from our clients and have been able to act on constructive feedback promptly which has resulted in improved client outcomes. Ryan has been great to work with and has worked closely with our client experience coordinator to implement our systems. The Client experience is an essential element to the Pinnacle Health Group brand. You Review has allowed us to measure our customers experience through big data and compare locations in real time. We look forward to continuing to work with Ryan and You Review as we grow our business.”

Tom Bosna – Director – Pinnacle Health Group

“After relaunching our restaurant following an extensive refurb, new food story and menus under the leadership of a new chef we were expecting our business to take off. To our great surprise we found things we going south fast and quickly needed to work out what was happening. We installed You Review as a result and with the guiding hand of Russell Mills, trained our staff and implemented this fantastic customer survey tool on site. Through the expertise of Ryan and his team they helped us interpret the data. We were then able to quickly identify our teething problems and focus on fixing our weaknesses whilst accentuating the things our customers saw as the positives in our new business model. I highly recommend You Review to anyone in the service industry and am just grateful we found it and installed it when we did as it has changed our business culture for the better.”

Ben Kirkwood – Owner - Beach Byron Bay

“We recently ran a commercial trial of the You Review system at a number of our sites over several months. We were able to gain valuable insights into how our customers saw our sites, our service and our staff. The data presented clearly showed opportunities for improvements to be made at each site and we were able to pinpoint this right through to specific days of the week and times of day. As a customer service review tool, You Review provides clear, accurate and timely data to enable a business to keep track of what’s happening in the business and take advantage of each opportunity as it arises. We found Ryan and the team at You Review professional to deal with and they kept us informed of how the trial was progressing and were quick to respond to any queries we had.”

Ray Taylor – CEO - Puma Energy (Australia)

You Review is an innovative, intuitive and beautifully designed software product that very accurately helps business measure their performance in providing quality customer service. This gives them a valuable tool to improve their business fundamentals, and provides a powerful mandate to not only claim customer experience as a point of differentiation, but to back it up with business intelligence. Surfer Rosa Communications has introduced You Review to tourism, travel, education and hospitality businesses and organisations including Beach Byron Bay, NSW National Parks, Lismore City Council and One TAFE. Feedback from these clients has been that the You Review app has been impressive in unearthing a treasure trove of business intelligence about their customers and gives them the confidence to make business decisions based on evidence, not a hunch. Ryan and his team provide a high level of support to analyse, interpret and see data trends proven to improve business performance and profitability. We look forward to working with You Review to help more service industry businesses do the same”.

Russel Mills – Director – Surfer Rosa Communications

You Review has provided us with a simple, customer friendly method of continuously monitoring client satisfaction in our business. In particular, it has been a useful tool for monitoring our young Veterinarians’ performance in the consultation room. Ryan Townsend’s service through both installation and ongoing support has been exceptional. We happily recommend You Review to other businesses.

Dr Bruce Howlett BVSc Director - Stabler and Howlett Veterinary Surgeons

I am the Franchisee of a small retail business and passionate about customer service. In retail the most common complaint would be lack of customer service and like many Franchise businesses we rely on the Mystery shopper program. You – Review was chosen as I found the Mystery shopper program to be inconsistent providing only one person’s opinion once a month. We have found You-Review to be fast, efficient and simplified for the customers leading to a 50% response rate. Customers are prompted to click on our Ipad at point of sale enabling us to gather feedback from a wide spectrum of our customer base. It encourages staff to actively interact with our customers, leading to improved service and greater customer satisfaction whilst helping to identify problem areas. You-Review gives us precise accurate data that is recorded on a live daily basis which is then reported to us in an easy to understand format. Thank you for keeping us on track You Review.

Di Crawford – Franchisee – The Cheesecake Shop

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