Di Crawford – Franchisee – The Cheesecake Shop

I am the Franchisee of a small retail business and passionate about customer service.

In retail the most common complaint would be lack of customer service and like many Franchise businesses we rely on the Mystery shopper program.

You – Review was chosen as I found the Mystery shopper program to be inconsistent providing only one person’s opinion once a month.

We have found You-Review to be fast, efficient and simplified for the customers leading to a 50% response rate. Customers are prompted to click on our Ipad at point of sale enabling us to gather feedback from a wide spectrum of our customer base.

It encourages staff to actively interact with our customers, leading to improved service and greater customer satisfaction whilst helping to identify problem areas.

You-Review gives us precise accurate data that is recorded on a live daily basis which is then reported to us in an easy to understand format.

Thank you for keeping us on track You Review.

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